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Kids Climbing

Based in Snowdonia, North Wales, we offer a range of climbing courses for children.

One of the many amazing things about rock climbing is how it affects other areas of your life. Perseverance, determination, communication, self-awareness, mental agility, creativity, problem-solving, self-esteem, confidence, concentration, focus, reduced anxiety. These are just some of things which are naturally developed as a result of climbing. The benefits of these traits to a modern, fast-paced working life are obvious. The bottom line is that climbing is an extremely beneficial "sport", especially for children.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

Kids Climbing Courses

We offer a number of kids climbing courses from one-off taster sessions and birthday parties, to accredited learning qualifications and long-term performance coaching. Depending on the nature of the activity, and the weather, we use both outdoor and indoor climbing venues dotted around Snowdonia and North Wales. Where possible, we will prefer climbing outdoors as we feel that being out in nature has health benefits for children. For more information on each of our kids climbing courses, please read on...

Rock Climbing Taster Session for Children

A taster session is designed to give children the opportunity to try rock climbing and see if they enjoy it without the pressure of having to accomplish anything. The session is usually only 1 to 2 hours long and focuses on getting your child as much time on the rock/wall as possible. We won't look at skills or becoming proficient at this stage, it is simply a taster session. Instead, the aim here is to get children involved in climbing games making sure, more than anything else, that they enjoy themselves and reach the end of the session feeling that they'd like to try climbing again.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

Kid's introduction to rock climbing

The kid's introduction to rock climbing course is made up of a number of half-days. The aim here is to develop proficiency in children so that they learn the skills required to become independent climbers. They will develop skills such as tying their own knots and holding the rope for each other. By the end of the course it is hoped that children become more active climbers and can do so without the need for supervision.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

Accredited Learning for Children

Similar to the children's introduction to rock climbing course, the focus here is on the development of skills. Successful completition of this course will however provide children with a nationally recognised climbing qualification. There are 5 levels (1-5). Level 1 is for basic climbing skills, and by the end of level 5 they will be completely independent climbers, able to go climbing with their friends without supervision. All learners must start at level 1 and pass each level before progressing onto the next. For more information visit our NICAS Climbing Scheme page.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

Children's Performance Climbing Coaching

Many parents who's children take up climbing could be accused of being too hard on their children. Although the aim is to encourage, children often feel forced into doing an activity and as a result, they longer enjoy it and ultimately give up climbing. The balance between encouragement and being discouraging is a very fine line when it comes to coaching children in climbing. Add to this the fact that children are more susceptible to over-use injuries which can have damaging and long-term impacts on a growing youngster, deciding to coach your own children is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is why we recommend coaching with our experienced rock climbing instructors. They are engaged with the latest research in this field and can help to tailor an optimal training course for your child.

Performance climbing coaching for children is done in very small groups, either with one or two children per instructor. The goal here is look at the weaknesses in a young person's climbing ability and develop them in to a more well-rounded climber. This course is only for children who are already engaged and have a passion for climbing as the regimented drills and hard work will not be welcomed by novice climbers.

Kids Climbing Birthday Parties

For birthday parties we offer both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Please note that the prices given below do not include catering, food, drink etc, however if you'd like us to provide this then please mention it when placing a booking. For indoor climbing, the cost of entry to a climbing wall will also need to be included.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

Under 18's

For legal reasons, we require parental consent plus an adult acting in loco-parentis (in place of the parent) to attend. Consent forms will be sent when making a booking. We find that this is a great way of working as having extra adults around to provide words of encouragement is beneficial. Where parents are willing, we like them to get involved in the activities, although for safety reasons, they may need to have completed an adult's beginner's rock climbing course.

Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr
Looking towards Snowdon over the LLynnau Mymbyr

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