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Make sure to look down at the view that few but birds get to see as you hang off this vertical rock face with only a rope and a harness to stop you from falling...

Abseiling means lowering yourself (or being lowered) slowly backwards down a wall or cliff using a fixed rope. Climbers often use this method to descend from the top of a cliff when there is no other means of getting down. That being said, abseiling is a lot of fun in its own right and can be an exhilarating experience, which is why we sometimes visit cliffs with the single goal of abseiling down.

When abseiling, you wear a climbing harness and descend using a rope which is secured firmly in place to ensure you don’t fall. Experienced climbers are able to control their own descent rate, but for somebody new to the art of abseiling, this will be done by an experienced instructor.

The thrill of abseiling starts as you walk slowly backwards and reach the edge of the cliff. With your feet firmly planted on the edge and your heart pounding in your chest, you lean back over the precipice. Your stomach drops with each shaking breath as you contemplate the death defying drop below you. Your blood pounds loudly in your ears as you roll back on the balls of your feet. Slowly, the rope continues to lower you until you're sat upright in your harness with your hips level with the top of the cliff, your legs straight out in front of you, and nothing but air below you.

A few steps later you begin to breathe easier, the blood pounding in your ears now turning into an exciting rhythm that has you bouncing. The terror of the drop turns to thrill and amazement, looking around at the view becomes easier, and you envy the flying birds as you descend, wanting to hang up in the sky forever.

All too soon you reach the ground, the last drop of excitement dissipates, and you are acutely aware of one thing and one thing only. You want to do it again!

What's included?

We offer two types of abseiling activities.

The first is an abseiling experience - where you get to experience the thrill of abseiling without having to worry about any of the technicalities. This can be done in a relatively short time and is suitable for large groups.

The second is an abseiling course, where we spend an entire day focussing solely on the technicalities of how to set up an abseil and the equipment used. The goal is to enable you to set up an abseil independently, without the need to hire an instructor.

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