Beginners Rock Climbing Courses in Snowdonia, North Wales

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Beginner's Rock Climbing Course

We offer half-day, two and five day beginners' rock climbing courses in Snowdonia, North Wales. The courses are aimed at complete beginners, novices, or those who have done a little climbing, perhaps climbing indoors, or sport climbing outdoors for example.

As part of the course we will aim to utilise as many climbing venues around Snowdonia as possible. Obviously, the 5 day beginners climbing course will give you a greater variety. Mountains, Sea Cliffs, Quarries, Snowdonia has it all.

Half-Day Beginner's Climbing Course

The half day course is intended for climbers who have done some climbing already. It is an opportunity to focus on one or two skills in particular and develop proficiency in those skills. This could be a sport climber who wants to look at dynamic belaying, equipping lower-offs or taking falls safely for example, or a trad climber who wants to focus on building safe belays or placing gear. When placing a booking inquiry, please let us know which skills you'd like to develop.

Two day Climbing Course for Beginners

On the two day climbing course for beginners we ask you to specify which discipline you'd like to focus on, sport climbing or trad (traditional climbing). Sport climbing is somewhat similar to climbing at an indoor climbing wall. Somebody has drilled holes into the rock and bolted hangers in place. As you climb the rock, you clip your rope into these hangers using a quickdraw. Some consider sport climbing as safer than trad climbing, however, the choice of venue, particularly in North Wales, is limited.

In trad climbing there are no pre-placed bolts. The climber must carry equipment which uses the natural features of the rocks to make the climbing safe. The process is far more involved and requires far greater knowledge of rope and climbing skills. The advantages though is that it leaves the natural environment as you found it, and opens the doors to a whole new world of climbing. For climbing in the mountains and sea cliffs, you will need to learn trad climbing.

By the end of the two day course you will be proficient in your chosen climbing discipline and ready to head out climbing unsupervised.

Five day zero to hero climbing course

This is an intensive climbing course aimed at quickly becoming a well-rounded climber. We cover all of the skills in the two course, but give you more time to practice and apply the skills. We will visit a much larger range of Snowdonia climbing venues, including mountains, sea cliffs and quarries and get you climbing on a variety of rock types. The effect of this is incredibly fast acquisition of skills. By the end of the course you and a partner will be climbing in the mountains and making your decisions, under the watchful eye of our experienced climbing instructors.

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