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Bouldering, as the name suggests, is about climbing on boulders. Although very tall boulders can be scary to climb, for the most part, bouldering removes the fear that many climbers experience. When bouldering, it is far more convenient for a climber to repeatedly try difficult moves, and this is often the goal. Because of this, some climbers see bouldering as a vehicle for getting stronger, however, for many climbers and boulderers, bouldering is not about safety, instead it is about climbing in its purest form - the free movement over rock without the encumbrance of ropes and gear.

Unlike climbing, where climbers spend most of their time at the opposite end of a rope, bouldering is a far more social experience and usually comes with lots of "banter".

Bouldering Courses

We offer a number of bouldering courses in Snowdonia and the rest of North Wales, as well as intensive courses around Europe.

Introduction to Bouldering

Otherwise known as "Bouldering for Beginners", our half-day intro to bouldering course will give you all the knowledge you need to be able to head outdoors and go bouldering. We'll look at equipment, guide books, where to go, and of course, how to boulder. Click here to book a beginner's bouldering course.


The intro to bouldering course might feature a small element of coaching but for those serious about climbing harder it is worth considering our Climbing Coaching Courses or of course, a bouldering holiday...

Bouldering Holidays

We're currently offering bouldering holidays to Europe's mecca of bouldering; Fontainebleau. Situated about an hour's drive south of Paris, Fontainebleau is an amazing place to go bouldering. Unlike anything in the UK, you can spend an entire day bouldering without ever having to touch the ground. There are literally swathes of boulders all jumbled in a heap or dotted around the ground. This vast number of boulders has given rise to bouldering circuits. The circuits are colour coded according to difficulty and are usually numbered from 1 to about 40-60. Numbers are painted on the boulders in their corresponding colours. Once you know what difficulty you want, you find the matching colour, locate problem 1 and start climbing. Quite often, you will climb down off the boulder and the next number in the sequence will be right in front of you. Completing a circuit with 60 boulder problems is a full-on day. It can't be understated how incredible this is for improving both climbing technique and strength. The weather is far better than here in Snowdonia which combined with the sandy landings makes for a truly unique experience.

We'll privately rent a self-catered cottage according to how many participants there are. The cottages we use are in beautiful scenery and close to some of the most popular bouldering venues in the world although car hire is helpful to allow visiting of other bouldering areas. This is an opportunity to visit one of the world's greatest bouldering venues with experienced climbers who know the area well. Let us take all the stress of planning for you.

Due to the many variables involved, the booking process isn't straightforward. If you'd like to join us on a bouldering holiday then please send us a message.

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