Guided Mountain Walks in Snowdonia, North Wales

Guided Mountain Walks in Snowdonia

Being out in the vast openness, breathing in the fresh air, heart and lungs working hard, the thrill of the view, the shared camaraderie, the infinite adventures to be had… I can almost feel my worries physically being lifted away. I become acutely aware of how long it’s been since I last allowed myself some time in the mountains. This feeling of freedom, this recharging and uplifting release… Breathtaking!

(Glyn Davidson - Getting back into the mountains after spending too much time at a computer screen).

Guided Walks

The guided walks we offer in Snowdnonia and Beyond are plentiful. The list below is just an small sample of the walks we offer, if you have a particular destination in mind then please get in touch.

What Clothing/Equipment Will I Need?

Wondering what equipment you'll need to bring with you? Download our helpful Kit-Lists for guidance: