Crib GochGuided Scramble

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Crib Goch

Crib Goch Guided Scramble

Crib Goch is a scramble of legend! It is one of the most revered ridge scrambles in all of the UK and is synonymous with North Wales scrambling. A right-of-passage for any aspiring mountaineer.

This thrilling scramble will see you teetering on a knife like ridge, a sheer vertical drop on one side and a steep slope on the other, as you make your way towards the summit of Snowdon.

"Some years ago I took my 10 year old son over Crib Goch. We parked up at Ynys Etws and got talking to other climbers to share the adventures we had planned for the day. When I explained what my son and I were doing, I was told by a very concerned lady that I was stupid to even consider taking my son over Crib Goch. As we made our way up the hillside to the start of the ridge, my son, affected but what this lady had said, progressed with trepidation. As we arrived at the start of the ridge proper, we came across two grown men. One of them had taken his climbing harness out of his bag and was preparing for the journey ahead, the other was crying uncontrollably. It was difficult to discern what this man was saying but it was quite obvious that he didn't want to go on. You can imagine what was going through my son's head at this point. With a little encouragement we plodded on and upon reaching the other side, my son turned to me and asked, what's all the fuss about?"

(Our own Mountain Guide, Glyn Davidson)

Although the exposure on Crib Goch is not to be underestimated, the scrambling is very easy and it's not uncommon to see people jogging across the ridge. It is far more a head-thing than a technical-ability thing.

Have you got what it takes? Book with our experienced mountain guides for one of the best scrambling days in the country.


Grade 1 (Easy Scrambling). The scrambling is easy but the exposure is not to be underestimated.

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Crib Goch Guided Scramble
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