Rock Climbing Courses in Snowdonia, North Wales

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Courses

Based in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales, we offer a range of outdoor activities which have their roots in Rock Climbing and Mountaineering, including Scrambling, Caving, Coasteering and Gorge-Walking. We offer guided tours, structured workshops and professional coaching to name but a few.


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A lady making her way up Snowdon for the first time. Despite what looks like a damp day she is smiling

Guided Mountain Walks

Venture into the mountains with complete peace of mind thanks to our experienced mountain guides. Our guides have a wealth of experience and local knowledge to draw upon and can tailor a journey to suit your specific needs. Wanting to achieve that bucket-list goal of getting to the summit of Snowdon, completing the national 3 peaks challenge, or perhaps you're in search of a rare plant or inspiring view to paint? We can tailor guided walks to suit all needs.

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A female mountaineer smiling near the summit of Snowdon

Mountain Walking Skills Workshops

Learn the skills required to venture out into the mountains without the support of a guide. We offer short courses which focus on particular skills such as map reading and navigation or moving over difficult terrain, as well is weekend and week-long intensive courses which cover a range of mountaineering skills.

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A mountain guide takes two clients scrambling. The ground is steep and rocky, and a thick mist fills the air.

Guided Scrambling

Ever thought about taking on Tryfan's North Ridge, or the revered Crib Goch and wished you had a more experienced mountain guide with you? Our instructors can comfortably guide you up any scramble in North Wales. Take on some of the classic scrambles of Snowdonia with the support of our mountain guides!

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Two mountaineers perched on some boulders demonstrate scrambling rope work

Scrambling Skills Workshops

Wanting to push your mountaineering skills to the next level? Learning techniques for scrambling will open a whole new world of adventures! Join us on one of North Wales based scrambling workshops and develop route planning, rope skills and movement technique. We offer short half-day courses as well as week-long intesive courses where we head out in the hills of Snowdonia and put your new skills to the test.

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A husband holds the rope for his wife as she climbs outdoors for the first time

Introduction to Rock Climbing

We offer short days for those wanting to a get a taste of what climbing outdoors feels like, as well as week-long courses that will develop a novice into a competent climber, able to head out into the mountains with their own equipment.

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Two climbers celebrating after a two-day climbing course

Traditional Single Pitch Climbing

Trad climbing is what many of us Brit’s believe to be the purest form of climbing. Indoor climbing, sport climbing, bouldering… they’re seen by many as just training for trad climbing. Trad climbing then is the Real Deal, the Main Event.

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A lady hanging from a rope as she descends a steep cliff. She is looking up at the camera and smiling and waving

Abseiling / Rapel

With waves crashing hundreds of meters below, feel the adrenaline surge through your body as you drop yourself off the edge of a sea cliff.

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A young girl appears to be extremely focused as she makes her way across a short climbing wall

Indoor Climbing

Learning to climb on an indoor climbing wall is a good way to quickly develop technical skills before venturing outside.

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A climber on the boulders of Fontainbleau


Bouldering is all about hard climbing without the vertigo. Bouldering, as the name suggests, involves climbing on boulders. It is usually done with some kind of safety mat to cushion a fall. Due to the relative safety of bouldering it is an opportunity for climbers to develop technique and strength without the fear of falling.

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A climbing instructor hangs from a rope and offers advice to their client. The client appears to climbing through a difficult section on a sheer face

Climbing Coaching

Reached a plateau in your climbing and struggling to reach the next grade, perhaps our climbing coaches can help? We cater to all group sizes and all experiences. Be that a group of youngsters looking for their first climb, or experienced individuals looking to improve their climbing grade.

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A mountaineer emerges from an old mine. The area is covered in moss and remnants of an old industrial age

Gorge Walking

Follow streams and rivers through some of the most beautiful scenary that Snowdonia has to offer. Jumping into pools, climbing waterfalls, skating down water slides, what better way to spend a hot summer's day.

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Corporate Events

Team Building Events are a great way to boost morale, increase motivation and productivity, enhance leadership and creativity, and improve mental wellness. We can tailor bespoke mountaineering, climbing and similar activities to suit the specific needs of the team. This includes taking care of Accommodation, Catering and Transport.

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